International Travel Policy and Compliance


Georgetown University recognizes and supports the significant international expertise of its faculty and the interest and engagement of its students, faculty and staff in global activities.  In September 2012, Georgetown University implemented an international travel policy for all faculty, staff, and students participating in international travel supported by or related to the university. 

University sponsored or related travel is defined as

  • Funded in part of in full by University funds, or
  • Credit-bearing, or
  • Organized by a University group, or
  • Representing Georgetown on site, or
  • Fundraising on campus for the trip, or
  • Affiliated in any way with a campus organization.

Read the complete travel policy.

The GU International Travel Policy does not apply to students, faculty, and staff traveling internationally for personal reasons or on non-university-sponsored trips.  If you are an international student or scholar and would like further information about your immigration requirements for travel outside of the United States and reentry to the U.S., please contact your International Student and Scholar Advisor in the Office of Global Services.


Individual students, student groups, and programs organized or sponsored by University departments or schools traveling overseas for university-related or -sponsored experiences must comply with the GU International Travel Policy by completing the International Travel Authorization application process.