Emergencies & Other Issues While Traveling

In An Emergency

  1. Ensure you are in a safe place where you have access to a telephone.
  2. As appropriate to the situation and location, contact local emergency services and/or appropriate Embassy or Consulate. (U.S. Embassy Contact Information)
  3. Contact Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety at +1-202-687-4343. Request to speak with the Director for International Safety & Security.
  4. For additional assistance, contact International SOS at +1-215-942-8478. Inform them you are a Georgetown affiliate in need of emergency assistance.


As part of the comprehensive support services offered to University travelers and international program participants, the Office of International Safety & Security works with other University offices, local, state and national government authorities, and International SOS, a private service, to respond to emergencies that might affect you.

An international emergency involves one or more of the following:

  • Health issues, including mental health, requiring urgent or emergency care
  • The arrest, detention, or kidnapping of a Georgetown traveler or international program participant
  • The death of a Georgetown traveler or international program participant
  • A victim of a violent or other serious crime, including sexual assault of any type
  • A missing Georgetown traveler or person otherwise out of expected contact for more than 12 hours
  • A security or other crisis in a location, requiring or likely to require the evacuation of one or more Georgetown travelers or international program participants to a safer location.

    If you are impacted by sexual discrimination, harassment, or misconduct, seek help from Georgetown’s resources and report these incidents to the Title IX Office.

Routine Issues

Even the best planned travel or international program may encounter unexpected issues, and the International Safety & Security Office, along with other campus partners and our external service providers, are ready to assist.

Routine issues include:

  • Lost or stolen passports
  • Health issues not requiring urgent or emergency care
  • Missed flights or other booking issues
  • An incident in which a Georgetown traveler is the victim of a nonviolent or minor crime, such as pickpocketing or theft
  • Issuance of fines or other minor citations for civil violations to a Georgetown traveler or international program participant

These issues are best handled on-site using local resources. Make sure that you know the local emergency numbers, the contact information for the nearest Embassy or Consulate, and which medical facility you would go to in case of a medical issue.

For problems related to travel arrangements, travelers who have booked through the Georgetown travel program may contact Georgetown Travel Services for assistance.