Student Travel

International Travel Authorization Process

Individual students, student groups, and programs organized or sponsored by University departments or schools traveling overseas for university-related or -sponsored experiences must comply with the GU International Travel Policy by completing the International Travel Authorization application process at least 4 weeks prior to intended departure. Travel to an Elevated Risk Region will require additional review time. Applications submitted after the travel has commenced will not be reviewed.

Exceptions to this process:

Start or Return to an Application

New Undergraduate Travel Authorization App

Complete an individual undergraduate application if you are an undergraduate student traveling without a group (excluding OGE study abroad students).

Start a New Application

New Graduate Travel Authorization App

Complete an individual graduate application if you are a graduate student traveling without a group (excluding Law Center students).

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New Group Travel Authorization App

Complete a group application if you are a group of three or more students traveling to the same location with the same travel dates or a program that is organized or sponsored by a university department or school.

Start a New Application

Return to an Already Opened App

Use this link if you have already started an application that you need to finish.

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Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff traveling overseas without students for university-related or sponsored purposes do not need to complete the International Travel Authorization process and should instead review the Faculty & Staff page for items they should complete before departure.

Note: If you are partnering with a new organization, please have the organization complete the program vetting guidelines.

International Travel Authorization Review Timeline

Step 1. Complete & Submit the Application

Timeframe: at least 4 weeks before departure

Open an application using the appropriate link above. Gather all of the required information and submit the application when complete.

Step 2. Application Review

Timeframe: 2-3 weeks

The application is reviewed for health & safety by the University’s International Travel Review Committee.

Applications for travel to Elevated Risk Regions require additional review time by the Provost or EVP.

3. Notification of Application Decision

Timeframe: within 2 business days of receiving application decision

Applicant is notified of International Travel Authorization decision and provided travel safety resources.

Group applicants will be asked to provide a participant list and additional information.