International SOS (ISOS)

Georgetown maintains a membership with International SOS (ISOS), an international emergency medical assistance and security services provider, to manage the health and security risks facing our international travelers and expatriates. Georgetown has access to ISOS’s worldwide network of logistics coordinators, physicians, security professionals, hospitals, ambulances and aviation services, as well as online country guides and travel security resources.

The country medical and security guides found on the ISOS portal provide information for pre-travel planning and serve as on-the-ground resources.

To use ISOS’s services, call their designated scholastic line collect at +1 215 942 8478. To ensure a prompt response when calling, you should be prepared to provide the GU membership number: 11BCPA000227.

Medical/Health Issues and ISOS

ISOS is not international health insurance. You should contact your health insurance provider directly to handle medical issues. However, ISOS can assist you by referring you to appropriate quality medical care locally or, if necessary, make arrangements for you to return home to receive appropriate medical attention. ISOS can also provide pre-travel advice for managing prescription medications and ongoing medical treatment while you are abroad.

In most instances, medical expenses incurred abroad will have to be paid out-of-pocket and reimbursement sought later from the health insurance carrier. If costs associated with your medical care exceeds $1,000.00 and you are unable to arrange for payment at the time of service, ISOS will contact Georgetown to guarantee payment. Travelers are responsible for reimbursing the University for costs incurred from using ISOS that are not covered by the traveler’s health insurance.

Travel Registration

Georgetown students, faculty, and staff are required to register their university-related international travel with the ISOS MyTrips system prior to departure. MyTrips is a secure online travel registration system that enables Georgetown administrators to proactively contact travelers and provide support in the event of an emergency.

Ways to Register:

  1. Book your travel via Concur, OR
  2. Complete the international travel authorization process (required for all students and faculty/staff traveling with students), OR
  3. Register manually.  

After you have registered with ISOS, you will receive an initial email containing country-specific information. Subsequent notifications are limited to information about time-sensitive health and security risks affecting the countries listed in your registered itinerary.

Incident Support and Check-In

If you have registered your travel, you will receive check-in notifications from ISOS when a major incident, such as a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, occurs in your destination of travel. In order to receive these messages and help us support you in a difficult situation, please make sure to provide your updated contact information (preferred email and mobile phone number) when submitting your travel to Georgetown. Also, please be sure to respond to any check-ins from either ISOS or Georgetown so that you can receive assistance if needed and the University can be assured of your well-being.